Thursday, 31 December 2009

Last Callout for the year ...

Yesterday saw search for a missing person on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  Our own team, TVMRT, was assisted by BSARU, plus the Cave Rescue guys and girls.  In itself that was nothing too unusual.  However, matters became a bit more complicated when a second incident arose, involving a dislocated knee in stalk, in heavy snow.  The rescue Sea King was already airborne and en route to assist with the first search, when we had to retask the aircraft to deal with the second incident, some 40 miles away.  A Land Rover was also sent as backup to the aircraft, should it have been retasked to another incident or should the weather prove to be an issue.  But all went well and the aircraft picked up the casualty.

At the same time as this was happening, one of the search team in Edinburgh had an unfortunate encounter with a barrel of what turned out to be ammonia.  So it was off to hospital with him. 

Late in the afternoon, the missing person was located.  But to add to the issues, the electrics in the Land Rover played up and left us with only sidelights.  Which on a dark winter's night, with police in tow, was perhaps not the best.  Fortunately the fog lights worked, which provided sufficient light to get back to Peebles.

So an interesting day one way and another.

Up North, avalanches claimed three lives in two separate accidents.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Outgoing Year ...

The last couple of weeks has seen a prolonged cold spell, adding some long lost snow to the Border landscape.

The stock are mostly inside, leaving the fields empty ...

The main Minto Hill.