Sunday, 8 July 2007

Mountain Rescue

Today was spent in the company of the Search and Rescue (SAR) flight from RAF Boulmer. This is part of the training undertaken as part of a member of Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team. The Team (TVMRT) covers about 1000 square miles, and is involved in everything from full blown hill incidents to assisting the police with urban searches.

RAF Boulmer is under threat of closure. This was announced in July 2004. Although the future if Boulmer is uncertain, the SAR flight will remain for the next few years. Where it goes after that is anyone's guess.

The purpose of the exercise today was to introduce some newer members to the delights of winching, and also for the SAR crew to practice with our MacInnes Mark 6 stretcher.

I've been involved with the Team for twenty odd years and I've nothing buth respect for the SAR crews of the RAF.

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