Friday, 15 January 2010

Decapitated Seals on Tyneside Beach

It's hard to understand the mentality of some people, as this  BBC news report highlights :-

A group of grey seals have been found beheaded on a beach at a Tyneside seaside resort.
The RSPCA said five seals, three of which were decapitated, were found dead at Whitley Bay on Monday morning.  A spokesman said all of the seals were juveniles, with the eldest thought to have been no more than a year old and the youngest just a few weeks.

One of the seals had been tagged as part of a study by the Sea Mammal Research Unit in St Andrews, Fife.

RSPCA acting chief inspector Mark Gent said: "This was a very upsetting thing to come across and has caused a lot of distress to the person who found them.  "These were very young animals, one of them was what is often described as a white coat, and was just a few weeks old. "Clearly they have not died of natural causes and we are very concerned.

Seals are protected under UK legislation.

Apparently this is not a new problem, as the Seal Protection Action Group highlight.

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