Monday, 29 March 2010

The Farnes II

The Farnes are famous for their bird life.  Over 270 different species of birds have been recorded over the years.  The most common bird is the ubiquitous Puffin.  Over 30,000 pairs reside at the Farnes at the height of the breeding season.  Although small in size, they have a certain attractiveness that some of the larger birds lack. 

Terns are also common and nest on the island.  With the islands being a nature reserve, kayakers have to be careful.  The only places to land are on the North side of the pier at Inner Farne ( and then staying below the High Water line ), and at Longstone.  Currents are fast between the islands ( up to about 6 knots at Springs ), with overfalls to the south side of the islands.  

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