Saturday, 13 March 2010

Forth Paddle

Fourth paddle of the year happened to be in the Firth of Forth.  Plan was to meet at North Berwick and do 'something'.  Wind was on the cool side, and, as forecast, blowing a good F4.  Decided to head out via Lamb and Fidra.  Water temp was a balmy 5.5C
We opted to paddle into the wind, hoping to get  a little assistance from the incoming tide, and see how far we got.  The outward journey was decidely hard work.  Although the sea was surprisingly flat to begin with, once round Eyebroughy.  Once we started to head SW, the waves became a bit bigger.  Just really what you would expect from a F4.  The day was bright, but the wind made talking difficult. 

Short break was had at West Links ...

After which we pressed on the Gullane Point for lunch, passing a couple of kite surfers on the way.  The waves were reasonably regular, with the odd larger one hoping to catch us out.  We missed the Bleaching Rocks at Gullane, something that we'll need to look at on a return visit.

After lunch, heading back via the islands ....

Each of the islands had a bit of clapotis, with Craigleith in particular being quite lumpy.

All in all, a good day out.  Oystercatchers and Eider ducks in abundance, and buzzards on the way home.

And in the best of traditions, lattes and cake in the Seabird Centre finished off the day.

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