Sunday, 8 August 2010

Bass Revisited

For the third time in a week, I found myself staring at Bass Rock.  This time is was from the South, at Dunbar.  Dunbar has the advantage of not suffering from the parking problems that face North Berwick, you can park right next to the put in, and there's a nice sheltered concrete slip to use.  None of this soft sand shuffle hauling boats up and down a beach.

The forecast was for a variable F2/3, and for intermittent showers. The wind was all but non-existant, the sea was smooth, and there was the odd shower.

The paddle from Dunbar was a bit uninteresting until we reached the top end of Peffer sands.  Rather than stop, we elected to push on to Seacliff.  We were pulling a good 3.5 knots against the tide. 

Arriving at Seacliff, a number of artists were in residence.  Perhaps we got our picture drawn ( I hope they got my better side ! ).

After a short lunch, out to the Bass ...

Then round it ...

And further round ...

Gannets aside, the locals weren't showing much interest ..

And back to Dunbar ...

For those interested in boats

LH - Leith
HL - Hartlepool
LI - Littlehampton

Seen two other paddlers ( at a distance ) all day. They were making their way back to North Berwick.

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