Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Rollercoaster ...

A few weeks ago five of us set off to paddle from Anstruther to St.Andrews.  There was a good southerly 2/3 metre swell running, backed up by a fairly solid F4+ wind.  After a degree of the "will we / won't we" type of debate, we decided to "go for a look".  People that engage in such pursuits will know that to " go for a look" is synonymous with deciding to do it.

Once outside the harbour wall, and once we paddled out beyond the clapotis, heading east with a quartering sea wasn't too bad.  It was a relaxed paddle, but it wasn't all white knuckle stuff either.  You just had to concentrate a bit and watch the waves.

Finding a spot for lunch took a few attempts.  The swell translated into dumping surf of the bone breaking variety, and we were fortunate to find possibly the only reasonable spot on the coast to land.  Chocolate cake was the order of the day.

Landing at St.Andrews was met with a degree of trepidation, but we managed in between the wavesets.  Filled with a new sense of confidence, we then tried to "play" in the waves, and got suitably trashed in the process. 

A good 30Km ....

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