Sunday, 7 August 2011

Gannets Galore

Saturday was a LSKC club trip.  Since it was a leisurely 10.30'ish start, I arrived early and went round Lamb and Craigleith beforehand.  High water was at 08:00, and it was likely that they would be heading out to the Bass, so I decided to head west initially.

I had passed Craigleith and heard a familiar sound behind me.  Yep, friends in high places had came to check me out .....

They circled round me then went on their way.  The aircraft was from RAF Boulmer.  Dunbar lifeboat was out as well, although there was nothing on the VHF, so not sure what was going on.  However, got a friendly wave from the winchman.

Joined up with the others about 10:30, and headed out to the Bass.

The 'white' on the top of the Bass is about 50,000 pairs of gannets.  Comical bords, and the chicks are still moulting ...

12.6 Nm

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