Thursday, 4 February 2010

Motivation ....

Last night I had a choice.  I could go for a run, or I could sit beside a fine log file with a bottle of Becks.  With the ambient temperature outside about freezing, the decision was not a hard one to make.  I enjoyed the Becks. 

Tonight my conscience got the better of me, and managed to do about six and a half miles round the road.  Running on the Border roads isn't perhaps as bad as it may sound.  There is next to no traffic and there is usually something going on in the fields to take your mind of the tarmac.  It made a pleasant change to be out in daylight.  Being honest, going round the fields is much more interesting.  Perhaps struggle to find a steady pace, pausing to open gates or loup fences.  But at the moment the fields are pretty bottomless, as the snow has been thawing today.  Forecast is for it to turn colded again at the weekend, so perhaps a wee jaunt round the fields will be in order then.

I've been running more regular so far this year than I did all last year.  Here's hoping I can keep it up, and stay free from injury.  I've never managed to get into the running mindset though  -I just go for a run and don't know much about recovery runs, fartleks, etc ...  I  just run.  I think at my age, I'm just happy to be out in the fresh air keeping ( or at least trying ) to keep fit.

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