Monday, 3 January 2011

Inchcolm ...

Today saw a fairly short paddle from South Queensferry to Inchcolm, and back.  There wasn't much of a plan - head out, paddle, come back ...  Not very professional, but it suited the mood of the day.  Six of headed out from Longcraigs Pier, one minus a BA.  But it was pretty calm, and forecast to be no more than F4, so were reasonably happy. 

Inchcolm was reached uneventfully in just over an hour, assisted by the fresh SW'ly wind.  Inchcolm houses an abbey, owned by Historic Scotland.  Details can be found here.

Officially, kayakers are not allowed above the High Water mark.  A ruling rigourously applied by Historic Scotland.  Unless you part with £5 that is.  But today, we were the only souls on the island, so lunch was enjoyed in the shelter of the Abbey, as opposed to sitting on an open beach.

Last time I was here, a wedding was in progress ...

There was no such ceremony today and the only company we had were the seals. 

Lunch was a lengthy relaxed affair - ususual for the time of year.  But the journey back beckoned. 

The original plan was to head round by Oxcars, but for various reasons, we pretty much headed straight back, with a one of the party getting a wee tow to help them along ...

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