Monday, 7 February 2011

Petico Wick

After what feels like a long break, finally made it out on to the water.  Work and the weather have both conspired to prevent earlier trips.  Sunday's weather was nothing special either, ans must confess was tempted to lie in bed.   There wasn't much wind, but it was raining steadily, plus there was some mist. 

The journey across to Eyemouth didn't start well - the windscreen wiper fell off the car.  Not a good start.  So it was the good old duct tape to the rescue.  It held for the rest of the journey, and through today's heavy downpours.

Went from Eyemouth up to Petico Wick and back.  A dull, wet, overcast day.  Lunch was, well, wet ...

Played amongst the rocks on the way back, with a few porpoises being spotted.  

Although it was a dreich February day, it was good to be out again, and, although it doesn't sound it, was worth getting out of bed for ...

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