Sunday, 13 February 2011

Swell Time on Fidra

Forecast was for F3 and rain. And, perhaps of a bit more concern, a good three metre swell.  The vague plan was to meet at North Berwick and paddle west to Fidra. 

We met at North Berwick right enough, but the dumping surf persuaded several of us that launching from the harbour was the better option.  Although the swell was sweeping round the harbour wall, it was more manageable there.

So without too much fuss, we all launched, and eleven of us took to the water.  There was no rain and the sky was brightening up.  We all managed to get out of the breaks, and onto the open Forth.  Although it wasn't dumping surf, in the sense of ten foot walls of water, it was still enough to give folk a thump, and remind them who was the 'boss'. 

Bit once out in the fairway, life was much easier ...

The swell was always there, although it doesn't really come out in the photographs ...  From the 'uphill' view ..

Both Lamb and Fidra were crossed on the north side.  Lunch was held on the west side of Fidra

Watching the swell coming round ...

Some time was spent watching the water on the south side of Fidra.  It was probably the roughest I've seen it, with some powerful sets coming through. 

However, by the time we finished lunch, they were much reduced, so we went through, albeit a few at a time ...

It was a faily quiet paddle back to North Berwick, with a little bit surf to negotiate to get back into the bay.  But everyone made it.  All in all, an interesting day, and shows how just one element can change the seriousness of what is normally a straighforward paddle. 

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